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Event Crest (East Africa) is a dynamic event planning company, specializing in the design, production and provision of Smart Events by use of Digital Solutions, Audio Visual Solutions, and Smart Engagement Tools. We are your events one stop shop, delivering a whole rounded experience. Refined Entertainment.

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The secret to our huge custom-made event

As Event Organizers we find it hard not to be silently critical of other people’s events, constantly thinking ‘why have they done that?’ and ‘we wouldn’t have done it that way!’ It can however also be enlightening to see how another Event Planner has brought their vision to life and to think about the thought process behind every decision made. Marvel at the things that have been done well and we enjoy having time to immerse ourselves in the event experience rather than being the people working tirelessly behind the scenes! this is where we do research and get attached and work together with other specialized partners.

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