Workplace Engagement


We are a Kenyan IT Enterprise, Sales & Service Center, Event Engagement tools & Entertainment solutions provider, with a global outreach.

How Do We Deliver?
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ITaaS, SaaS, EaaS, Cyber security, mission critical data.


We solve problems with regard to how businesses can efficiently & effectively get data accessible to those who want quick access to it while at the same time maintaining its integrity.

Event Crest Refined Entertainment
Destination Events, Fun and Engagement tools and Applications.


specializing in the design and production of Smart Entertainment with indigenous, and authentic touch. Our services include Live Streaming, Conferencing and AV Solutions.

Hardware and software in-store consumer and lifestyle products.


We provides a wide range of supply chain solutions for all categories of Information Technology products (PCs, PC building blocks, networking, software and enterprise solution.


Round table tun key solutions.


We are agile and hence provide a myriad of productivity centric solutions that fit into most business processes.


We provide this through fun based entertainment, digital engagement tools, destination events, colaborative & digital workspace by use of on-shelf and off-shelf applications.


By ensuring a non stop process, we hit the ground through out of the box brand experiential.